TYPE: Gila Black-on-White

DATE: A.D. 1300 to 1450 (Neuzil & Lyons 2005;34)

COMMON FORMS: Jars, bowls.



COMMON DESIGNS: See Gila Polychrome.

KEY DIFFERENCES: No red slip applied to vessels.

COMMENTS: Bowls often refered to as polychrome by some archaeologists even though the exteriors are not slipped red, but rather unslipped natural brown. Most archaeologists do not count the natural undecorated brown color of a vessel unless it is used as a background color for a design (see article titled: What is a Polychrome?). Some jar exteriors entirely white slipped. This type has not been formally described (new type). Temporal dates are assumed to be the same as Gila Polychrome, as this appears to be a closely related type.



S1Y Salado Gila Black-on-White Jar.

The entire exterior, and the interior of the rim and neck is slipped white.

Approximate Dimensions: 13 1/2" or 34.3 cm. by 10" or 25.5 cm.



2N Salado Gila Black-on-White Jar.



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