TYPE: Salado Red-on-Black

DATE: 1200 to 1400 (see comments)

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Light raspberry to dark red exteriors, black smudged interiors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Broad line angular designs painted on interiors, possibly the same as the interiors of Salado Red Polychrome.

COMMENTS: This type is a polychrome technically, it is Salado Red with Broad line designs in red painted on the black smudged interiors.  I suspect the varieties of exterior treatments to the exteriors are the same as Salado Red. This type has not been formally described (new type). Dates are believed to be the same as Salado Red.


1N Salado Red-on-Black handled effigy cup. 

This is the only Salado Red-on-Black example I have seen, however I suspect that it was produced more commonly in bowl form.  The effigy represented may be of a Datura seed pod or Prickly Pear fruit.  For more discussion and photos of these kinds of effigies see vessel #8Y in the Salado Red section of this guide.



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