TYPE: Tucson Polychrome

DATE: A.D. 1275 to 1450 (Neuzil & Lyons 2005;37)

COMMON FORMS: Bowls, jars, pitchers.


BOWL DESIGN PLACEMENT: Usually exteriors.

COMMON DESIGNS: Often designs are made up of thick solid black lines with thin white outlining. Occasionally there may be negative triangles, squares, rectangles, or diamonds that may have white dots painted in them. Rarely white dots may be painted directly on black painted areas or bands.  

KEY DIFFERENCES: No white slipped portions as seen in Tonto Polychrome. Usually no interior bowl designs as seen in Anasazi, Kiet Siel Polychrome, and Salado, Maverick Mountain Polychrome. Tucson Polychrome designs usually have no hatching as seen in Kiet Siel and Maverick Mountain Types.

COMMENTS: Tucson Polychrome and Maverick Mountain Polychrome appear to be the same type of pottery with a design difference and later ending date for Tucson Polychrome. See article: "TUCSON POLYCHROME" Made by Hohokam or Salado?


1N Salado Tucson Polychrome Jar with unusually large design motifs that have

connected curvilinear and rectilinear elments.

Approximate Dimensions: 12 1/2" or 31.7 cm. by 11" or 28 cm.


2N Salado Tucson Polychrome Jar.



3N Salado Tucson Polychrome Jar.


4N Salado Tucson Polychrome Jar.



5N Salado Tucson Polychrome Jar.



6Y Salado Tucson Polychrome Bowl.

Aproximate Dimensions: 10" or 25.5 cm. by 4 3/4" or 12 cm.



7N Salado Tucson Polychrome Mug? It may have been a Maverick Mountain Polychrome.

It is a shame that this vessel wasn't excavated and preserved a century earlier, the design has been lost forever, eroded away from being buried in the ground too long.

Approximate Dimensions: 5 3/4" or 14.6 cm. by 4" or 10.1 cm.



8N Salado Tucson Polychrome Seedjar

Unusual with white dots


9N Salado Tucson Polychrome Bowl


10N Salado Tucson Polychrome Bowl


11Y Salado Tucson Polychrome Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 8 1/4" by 4 1/4"


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