TYPE: Salado Vosberg Plain

DATE: A.D. 1050 to 1400

COMMON FORMS: Bowls, jars.

COMMON COLORS: Brick red to brown to light tan.  Most often light brown to tan.

EXTERIOR TREATMENT: Rough, lightly polished, highly polished, smoothed, corrugated, obliterated corrugated, coiled and grooved.

KEY DIFFERENCES: Light tan color.  The only unique key different treatment worth mentioning is the obliterated indented corrugated version of Vosberg Plain.   Vosberg Obliterated Corrugated used normal sized coils of clay during construction.  When the indented corrugation was obliterated, more or less, diamond shaped indentations were left.  Other examples were even more obliterated to where it may be difficult to determine that it was once indented corrugated.

VARIETIES: Corrugated, Obliterated Corrugated, Coiled and Grooved.

Smudged, slipped (usually tan in color).



1Y  Salado Vosberg Plain Obliterated Corrugated bowl with a smudged interior.

Approximate Dimensions: 7 1/4" or 8.4 cm. by 3" or 7.6 cm.



2Y Salado Vosberg Plain Coiled and Grooved bowl with a smudged interior.

Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/4" or 17 cm. by 5 1/8" or 13 cm.


3Y Salado Vosberg Olla (Corrugated Variety)

Approximate Dimensions: 11" by 9 1/4"


4N Salado Vosberg Seedjar (Corrugated Variety)


5N Salado Vosberg Olla (Obliterated Corrugated Variety)

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