TYPE: Tanque Verde Black-on-White

DATE: AD 1125 – 1450 (Wallace 1995;465) (see comments)

COMMON FORMS: Same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Primary design background white (slipped), secondary design backround color can be brown (natural), white (slipped), or black (smudged). Brown can be light Tan to Brown to Orange. White can be Buff to White. Black can be light Gray to Black often with “patches” of Brown.


COMMON DESIGN PLACEMENT: Same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown

COMMON DESIGNS: Same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown.

KEY DIFFERENCE(S): Large deep bowls with indented bottoms and primary designs on the exteriors. No “helmet” bowls. No exterior “trailing lines”. Jars with straight necks often with designs on the necks, and classic shoulders. Designs still begin at the shoulder, but the shoulder is lower on the jar, well below maximum diameter. Tanque Verde jars are approximately as tall as they are wide unlike the preceding type Rincon, which are usually wider than they are tall. Interestingly, the possibly succeeding Pima and Papago jars tend to be taller than they are wide.

Color Key: Red=Paint, On Red=Red to Orange Slip, Black=Paint, On Black=Black or Grey Smudge (often “mottled” with brown), White=Paint, On White=White or Buff Slip, Buff=Buff Slip, Brown=Natural Pottery Background.

Primary Design Field, Secondary Design Field

Black-on-White, Brown
Black-on-White, White Slipped
Black-on-White, Black-on-White
Black-on-White, Black Smudged
Black-on-White, Black-on-Black (Polytech)
Black-on-White, Black-on-Brown (Polytech)

COMMENTS: Dates are based on several archaeologists contributions, read article in this guide titled: Rincon -Tanque Verde Transitional Ceramics (King, 2004).


1Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Black-on-White Olla Sherd.



Left Sherd Interior, Right Exterior                                      Left Sherd Exterior, Right Interior.

2Y Hohokam Tanque Verde bowl sherds, Black-on-White, Brown Variety.



Exteriors                                                                      Interiors

3Y Hohokam Tanque Verde  Bowl Sherds, Black-on-White, White Slipped Variety.



Exteriors                                                                Interiors

4Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Bowl Sherds, Black-on-White, Black-on-White Variety.



Exterior                                                               Interior

5Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Bowl Sherd, Black-on-White, Black Smudged Variety.



Exteriors                                                                  Interiors

6Y  Hohokam Tanque Verde Bowl Sherds, Black-on-White, Black-on-Black Variety.



Exterior                                                 Interior

7Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Bowl Sherd, Black-on-White, Black-on-Brown Variety.


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