TYPE: Tanque Verde Red-on-White

DATE: AD 1125– 1450 (Wallace 1995;465) (see comments)

COMMON FORMS: The same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown.

COMMON BACKGROUND COLORS: Brown, White, Black. Brown can be light Tan to Brown to Orange. White can be a transparent Buff to a thick White. Black can be light Gray to Black often with “patches” of Brown.

COMMON DESIGN PLACEMENT: The same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown.

COMMON DESIGNS: The Same as Tanque Verde Red-on-Brown.

KEY DIFFERENCE(S): White slip background for primary designs.
Tanque Verde Red-on-White is usually tool polished while Phoenix area Casa Grande Red-on-Buff is usually only hand smoothed. Phoenix area vessels are usually buff slipped even on undecorated areas of jars and vessels you can fit your hand in, while Tucson area white slipped vessels are most often slipped only on primary decorated areas.


Color Key: Red=Paint, On-Red=Red to Orange Slip, Black=Paint, On-Black=Black or Grey Smudge (often “mottled” with brown), White=Paint, On-White=White or Buff Slip, Buff=Buff Slip, Brown=Natural Pottery Background.

Primary Design Field, Secondary Design Field

Red-on-White, Brown
Red-on-White, White Slipped
Red-on-White, Red-on-White
Red-on-White, Red-on-Brown (Polytech)
Red-on-White, Black Smudged
Red-on-White, Red-on-Black (Polytech)

COMMENTS: Dates are based on several archaeologists contributions, read article in this guide titled: Rincon -Tanque Verde Transitional Ceramics (King, 2004).


1N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White (ca. 1125-1450) shallow bowl

with an offset quartered design consisting of large triangles, the center square filled with cross hatchure, and panels filled with fringe hatchure.

Approximate Dimensions: 10" or 26cm by 2 1/2" or 6.3cm.

2N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White (ca. 1125-1450) (Polytech)

Beaker with crosshatching, rectilinear scrolls, and H's.  The smudged black interior is painted with solid barbs and rectilinear scrolls along the rim.

Approximate Dimensions: 4 1/2" or 11.2cm by 4 1/2" or 11.2cm.



3N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White (ca. 1125-1450).

Deep bowl with an exterior design of a lower band of negative diamonds and a large upper band consisting of panels with vertical hatching, and large ticked lines and triangles.  The interior rim has long solid triangles with connected interlocking rectilinear scrolls.

Approximate Dimensions: 10 1/2" or 26.5cm by 7 1/2" or 19cm.


4Y Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White (ca. 1125-1450) (Polytech)

Shallow bowl with an interior design that has an offset quartered layout consisting of a thick line rectilinear scroll in the bottom, ticked panels of repeated H's and large triangles filled with solid triangles and rectilinear scrolls.  The exterior is not slipped white and has connected solid triangles painted to the rim.

Approximate Dimensions: 6 3/8" or 16cm by 2" or 5cm.



5Y Early Hohokam Red-on-White (ca. 1125-1300) (Polytech)

The exterior of this oval bowl has a "checkerboard" design, while the

unslipped interior has crude or degenerate rectilinear scrolls.

Approximate Dimensions: 7 7/8" or 20cm by 5 3/4" or 14.7cm by 3 1/2" or 8.7cm.


6N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White platter-bowl,

with an offset quartered design with rectilinear scrolls,

cross, as well as  vertical hatching, and checkerboard or plaited designs.

Approximate Dimensions: 14 1/2" or 37cm. by 4" or 10.2cm.



7N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White Olla

with a classic shoulder and straight neck.  This olla has a band design on the body

of large connected interlocking rectilinear scrolls. Interestingly, the bands of crosshatching make up the

"large linework" of the rectilinear scrolls.  It also has crosshatched triangles.  The neck

design is made up of thickline rectilinear scrolls and solid triangles.

Approximate Dimensions: 13" or 33 cm. by 13" or 33cm.



8N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White Olla, with classic shoulder and tall neck. 

The body design has interlocking and conjoined scrolls that are triangular and diamond shaped. 

The neck design is multiple vertical zig-zag lines or hatching.

Approximate Dimensions: 9 1/2" or 24cm. by 9 1/2" or 24cm.




9N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White Deep Bowl (polytech).

Red-on-White exterior with "large linework" made of crosshatching in angular patterns,

and Red-on-Black interior with multiple thick line, vertical zig-zag lines.

Approximate Dimensions: 12 3/4" or 32.3 cm by 6 3/4" or 17.2cm.



10N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White Bowl (Polytech)

This bowl has an exterior Red-on-White design of "large linework" made of

crosshatching in angular patterns.  The interior has a busy Red-on-Black design made up of

solid triangles, chevrons, and thick-line rectilinear interlocking scrolls that are arranged in diagonal

rows of three that decrease in size from top to bottom.

Approximate Dimensions: 12 1/2" or 31.7cm. by 6 3/4" or 17.1cm.


10N  Interior                                   10N  Bottom Exterior

Close up of prehistoric repair on 10N

Apparently this bowl was slipped white before cracking during drying, then, orange clay was

polished into and over the crack (as can be seen by its raised surface) that didn't seem to recieve any white slip.  When the pot was fired it may have cracked again through the repair.




Close up of prehistoric repair on 11N

similar to the repair on 10N (above).  These two bowls were found in the same prehistoric room.

11N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-white Bowl (Polytech)

Red-on-White slipped exterior with panels of crosshatching and thick line interlocking rectilinear scrolls. Smudged black interior with a thick line negative star, chevrons, and solid triangles.

Approximate Dimensions: 10 1/2" or 26.6cm. by 6" or 15.2cm.



Photo of 12N and 13N showing pitting on bottom of bowls.

These two bowls were found in the same prehistoric room.

12N (left) and 13N (right) Two small Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White bowls shown for comparison.  Both have angular exterior designs.  Bowl on left has thick solid lines, while the bowl on the right has thick lines made up of crosshatching. Both are "polytechs" with smudged interiors. Interior designs near rim. Bowl on left has solid barbs, and the bowl on the right has solid triangles and connected interlocking rectilinear scrolls. Approximate Dimensions: 12N is approximately 5" or 12.7cm. by 3 1/2" or 8.8cm. 13N is approximately 4 1/4" or 11cm. by 3" or 7.5cm.




14N Hohokam Tanque Verde Red-on-White Bowl

Approximate Dimensions: 10" by 6 1/8"


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